Punjab Royals Vs Haryana Hammers – Semi Final 2 Pro Wrestling League 2015

Haryana Hammers becomes the second team to reach in the final of Pro Wrestling League India (PWL) first season. Now Haryana Hammers have to fight with Mumbai Garuda’s fighter for the trophy in inaugural year of Pro Wrestling League 2015(PWL) . Haryana Hammers smashes Punjab Royals in the second semi final of PWL. Haryana Hammers won their contest as 4 – 3 over Punjab Royals. Haryana Hammers have got the 30 points where as Punjab Royals managed to get 22 points in the close contest. This match was also held at K D Jadhav Wrestling Stadium (IGI Indoor Stadium), DELHI.

Venue Details – K D Jadhav Wrestling Stadium (IGI Indoor Stadium), DELHI

Date and Time – 26 Dec, 07:00 PM

Punjab Royals Vs Haryana Hammers : Bout Details 

* First Bout : 65 kg weight category – Punjab Royals  Rajneesh won the contest against Vishal Rana of Haryana Hammers as 12 – 2.  In both the rounds Rajneesh of punjab Royals manage his victory in one side match.

Rajneessh Vs Vishal Rana - Punjab Royals Vs Haryana Hammers

 * Second Bout : 69 kg weight category – In 69 kg women weight category, Haryana Hammers Geetika Jakhar defeated by Punjab Royals Vasilisa Marzaliuk.  The fight    was over with the score 4 – 0.  This was the total one sided match.
Geetika Jakhar Vs Vasilisa Marzaliuk - Punjab Royals Vs Haryana Hammers
* Third Bout : 97 kg weight category – Haryana Hammers  Andriitesey Valerii defeated a Mausam Khatri of Punjab Royals as 5 – 4 in the 97 kg weight category. Mausam Khatri   put behinds Andriitesey Valerii in the first round, Unfortunately in second round, Andriitesey Valerii bounced back in the game and got a victory against Mausam Khatri of Punjab Royals.
Mausam Khatri Vs Andriytsev Valeriy - Punjab Royals Vs Haryana Hammers

* Fourth Bout : 53 kg weight  category – In 53 kg women’s weight category, Tatyana Kit of Haryana Hammers won the contest against Priyanka Phogat from Punjab Royals by 5 – 4.  After losing first round, Tatyana Kit won the second round as results into victory of Tatyana Kit in the combat.

Priyanka Phogat Vs Tatyana Kit - Punjab Royals Vs Haryana Hammers

* Fifth Bout : 125 kg weight category – In 125 kg weight category Punjab Royals Jargalsaikhan chuluunbat defeat Hitender from Haryana Hammers as 5 – 1. This was also the one sided combat.

Jagalsaikhan Chuluunbat Vs Hitender - Punjab Royals Vs Haryana Hammers

* Sixth Bout : 58 kg weight category – In 58 kg women’s weight category, Haryana Hammers captain Geeta Phogat lose the contest against Oksana Herhel of Punjab Royals as 4 – 0. Oksana Herhel easily won fight in the first round of combat.

Geeta Phogat Vs Oksana Herhel - Punjab Royals Vs Haryana Hammers

* Seventh Bout : 74 kg weight category – In 74 kg fight category,  Livan Lopez Azcuy of Haryana Hammers won the combat against Punjab Royals Praveen Rana as 5 – 1.

Praveen Rana Vs Livan Lopez Azcuy - Punjab Royals Vs Haryana Hammers