Bengaluru Yodhas Vs Dilli Veer – Match 14 Pro Wrestling League 2015

Bengaluru Yodhas Vs Dilli Veer Match 14

Dilli Veer  won their first match ever in Pro Wrestling League India (PWL), But it’s too late for Dilli Veer to reach in semi-final. Dilli Veer  beat Bengaluru Yodhas as 4 – 3.   This match was held at Koramangala Indoor Stadium, BANGALORE. Dilli Veer got 43 total points where as 28 points for Bengaluru Yodhas. This was the first match held at Koramangala Indoor Stadium, BANGALORE, In inaugural year of  Pro Wrestling League 2015 (PWL).

Venue Details – Koramangala Indoor Stadium, BANGALORE.

Date and Time – 23 Dec, 07:00 PM

Bengaluru Yodhas Vs Dilli Veer : Bout Details 

* First Bout : 57 kg weight category – Dilli Veer’s Erdenebat Bekhbayar won the contest against Sandeep Tomar of Bengaluru Yodhas as 7 – 0.  This fight was total one side. All the points taken by JargalSaikhan Chuluunbat is in the first round of fight.

Sandeep Tomar Vs Erdenebat Bekhabayar - Bengaluru Yodhas Vs Dilli Veer

* Second Bout : 53 kg weight category – In womens 53 kg weight category, Bengaluru Yodhas Lalita Sherawat defeated by Dilli Veer’s Liliya Horishna. The fight    was over with the score 11 – 6. During the first round of fight Lalita Sherawat was in a match with the score 6 – 7, But in second round, She was unable to do nothing and finally lost as 11 – 6 when match ended.

Lalita Sherawat Vs Horishna Lilia - Bengaluru Yodhas Vs Dilli Veer

* Third Bout : 125 kg weight category – Bengaluru Yodhas  Modzmanashvili Davit defeated a Krishan Kumar of Dilli Veer as 10 – 0 in the men’s 125 kg weight category.  This was the total one side bout throughout first round.

Modzmanashvili Davit Vs Krishan Kumar - - Bengaluru Yodhas Vs Dilli Veer

* Fourth Bout : 58 kg weight  category – In 58 kg women’s weight category, Yeselirmak Elif Jale of Dilli Veer lost by Yulia Ratkevich  from Bengaluru Yodhas by 3 – 1.

Yuliya Ratkevich Vs Yesilirmak Elif Jale - Bengaluru Yodhas Vs Dilli Veer

* Fifth Bout : 74 kg weight category – In 74 kg weight category Bengaluru Yodhas  Narsingh Yadav defeat Dinesh Kumar from Dilli Veer as 8 – 4.

Narsingh Yadav Vs Dinesh Kumar - Bengaluru Yodhas Vs Dilli Veer

* Sixth Bout : 48 kg weight category – Dilli Veer’s captain Vinesh Phogat  won the contest against Alyssa Lampe of Bengaluru Yodhas as 10 – 0. This was also the one sided combat.

Alyssa Lampe Vs Vinesh Phogat - Bengaluru Yodhas Vs Dilli Veer

* Seventh Bout : 65 kg weight category – In 65 kg fight category, Navruzov Ikhtiyor of Dilli Veer won the combat against Bengaluru Yodhas Bajrang Punia as 10 – 1.

Bajrang Punia Vs Navruzov Ikhtiyor - Bengaluru Yodhas Vs Dilli Veer